Regular Savings Account

  • No minimum balance 
  • No monthly service charge 
  • Variable interest / compounded and paid monthly 

Tiered Money Market Savings Account

  • $2500.00 minimum opening balance
  • No monthly service charge 
  • Tiered interest / compounded and paid monthly

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Tax-favored savings for individuals with high deductible health plans. You can use the money you save in the HSA to pay for medical expenses for yourself, your spouse, or your dependents. For your convenience, you will receive a debit card for your HSA rather than checks.

Tax Benefits:
  • Your HSA contributions are tax-deductible.
  • HSA contributions made by your employer are excluded from your income.
  • HSA earnings are tax-deferred.
  • If used for qualified medical expenses, HSA assets are tax-free.

Christmas Club Account

A safe and easy way to save now for all those holiday purchases at the end of the year! 

How it works:

Deposit money into your Christmas Club Savings Account as often as you'd like. When it matures on the third Monday in October, we calculate the interest you have earned, add it to your balance, and mail you a check for the entire amount. Now you can shop!

Account Features: 
  • No minimum opening balance 
  • No monthly service charge 
  • Interest is compounded and paid at maturity 
  • Make deposits as often as you like up to $250.00 per month
  • Maximum balance $3,000.00
Early Withdrawal Penalty:

There is a $5.00 fee for withdrawal prior to maturity. The entire balance must be withdrawn, accrued interest will be forfeited, and no more deposits will be allowed until the account automatically renews on the third Monday in October.